Finding a relationship with God

Yovany during one of our church services

Yovany during one of our church services

We have started every Sunday morning taking kids up to the Peace Monument, not far from the stadium and our building. You can see city’s skyline, and the kids get a chance for quiet reflection with God for us and the kids. The kids aren’t required to go, but we allow whoever wants to join us to hop in the car alongside us and to head up to a quiet place for a few hours up above the city.

The kids can write in notebooks, have prayer time or just sit in silence with our God. Most of the kids spend a little or a lot of time writing. They can write anything they want.

One of our teens Yovany has decided to write us the story of his life and relationship with God. This is the first entry:

“This is the story of a boy named Yovany. He was a lonely person because no one wanted him. There was only one person that loved him and that was God. But he didn’t know that.

He suffered for 12 years on the street without food, somewhere to sleep or somewhere to bathe. He thought, ‘It would be better for me to die than living like this.’

But God put in front of him a path that would change his life. And even though so many things were pointing down that path he didn’t want to take it. Then another person came along named Jose de la Cruz. And he took that boy to meet some other people. But at that time he thought, “These people are going to mistreat me.”

But his friend said, ‘Don’t be afraid. They will help you.’ So, Yovany went and there he met Mami Amber and Michael and Courtney. This is a story of a boy who didn’t believe in God, and God changed his life.”

God can do incredible work through even the most unlikely of people. Many of you remember Jose de la Cruz was one of our boys who was murdered last summer. He left an imprint on our hearts and apparently on others we weren’t even aware of.

I hope God is patting Jose de la Cruz on the back now and saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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