Restlessly resting

This summer is a strange time for Michael and me. For both of us, this is the first summer in five years we’re not directly involved in planning or participating in ministry activities. And it’s weird. We are doing different fundraising projects, trips and meetings. It is certainly not our favorite thing to do. We would much rather be in the midst of ministry at Breaking Chains and loving the people there.

While fundraising is sometimes a mundane task, it does leave more free time to think and reflect about our future ministry together, since we are not directly involved with people and the normal busy schedule. In that way we are blessed with time – time to love each other, rest and prepare for our future ministry together. We are following the advice of a wise mentor who encouraged us to enjoy this time. To enjoy this time of renewal and living together. To just be together living images of God enjoying rest before our work begins.

It is hard for us to do. We both struggle with slowing down and practicing the spiritual discipline of Sabbath. But we are seizing this time to enjoy each other’s company and preparing for our new life serving God in Honduras together.

Taken during our annual restful BC Christmas at the beach

Taken during our annual restful BC Christmas at the beach


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