Introducing my crazy

photo (3)

The curds forming

Michael and I have spent some time this summer thinking of ways to develop and improve our ministry at Breaking Chains. And I have come up with a few perhaps less conventional ideas as well.

As strange as it sounds, this has been a summer of cheesemaking. I just started another batch a few hours ago, and now I am in the first waiting period of the nearly day-long process.

photo (2)

The newest finished product

Some of you are familiar with the strange projects and ideas that I come up with. So, you are not too surprised when I say that I now make goat cheese. The look I typically get after divulging this information about my recent hobby is one of “What is the point of that” with a dab of “You’re crazy.” For others you’re just getting to know my weirdness. Either way, I feel prompted to explain it’s practice for making it in Honduras for a sustainability project I have in mind, which doesn’t necessarily give me less weird-looks.

One of my hopes in the future is to have a little bit of land where we can have a garden and some animals like chickens and goats. This hopefully will be a way to provide a way to cut down on the cost of food at the building by providing fresh eggs, vegetables, milk, etc. With some of the extra milk, we would be able to make cheese for the building and maybe eventually high quality cheese to sell to help support Breaking Chains.

Hopefully, one day I can pass the cheesemaking on to someone at the building who enjoys it even more than I do and can use this skill, as strange as it sounds, to further their life and our ministry.Fifty for 50


One thought on “Introducing my crazy

  1. I think that is awesome John! When you guys come to your mom’s would you bring some that I can try?…..Goat cheese is supposed to be so much healthier than cow cheese. I think it is a great idea and am impressed!……Also I sent you an email the other day to let you know I will be upping my monthly contribution to 50. Praying that all you need, God will provide!

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