Continuing the thanks train

We weren’t able to have traditional wedding showers, where you open gifts filled with items you then can take to your house. Unfortunately for us, they don’t let you take that much stuff on the plane.

Probably better for everyone – I was never very good at opening presents in front of people anyway. My mother says my excitement face is a little forced. I guess I’m not very good that the super-excited-face. Instead I’m tend to make jokes that really aren’t funny, and people look at me weird. I blame it on having four brothers – that card trumps all.

So, our situation meant the hostesses had to go nontraditional (surprise, surprise right? It’s me). To the amazing women who hosted our MRCC shower, we thank you for providing such a hospitable and warm environment to visit and share about our ministry in Honduras. Thank you to Linda Patterson for providing all the gorgeous flowers and decorations and the amazing caricatures of us for the cards. You, lady, have talent on a level I don’t begin to understand or could ever replicate. Thank you to Dee Dobson for the beautiful ‘money’ tree now planted in my parents backyard! And thanks so much to Conchita Wilkerson, Beth Brewer, Kerry Pope, Bobbie Walker, Cheryl Cox, Nancy Hartman and Diane Gordon for bringing all the treats and making other elements happen without a hitch I don’t even know about!

We want to share a special thanks to Gail Brookman for hosting the shower in her home, organizing everyone and everything and fostering a wonderful discussion about our ministry. And we thank those generous ladies who attended, gave cash donations and lots of hugs and encouragement.

We felt blessed to have the same type of shower later in Ft. Smith with people from West-Ark. We’re grateful to the ladies who hosted, Jean McConnell, Dwonne Cogswell and Vicki Anderson. To Jean and Vicky, thank you for all you did we don’t even know about to make the afternoon special – a special shout out to Dwonne for hosting the event in her home. The food was delicious and the environment welcoming and fun. Thanks to you three for providing and opportunity to share about our work at Breaking Chains. And thank you to the ladies – and a few gentlemen – who came to listen to John and I describe what we do in Honduras. And we express a big thanks to the generous souls who gave us cash donations.

(I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of either of these showers – I’m never the picture-taker at any event. If any of you ladies have some good pictures, please feel free to send them my way, and I will add them to this post.)

To all the hostesses who sacrificed their time, money and creative juices to make our experience with them special, we thank you and want to let you know we think you’re pretty great. We love and appreciate each of you for the way you served us in such a sacrificial way. We had a blast at each event seeing everyone and laughing with all of you.

We felt moved beyond words at the number of people who attended each event and gave to our ministry efforts. Our cups overflowed with love and affirmation. Thank you.Fifty for 50



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