Garage-sale fundraiser

Mark your calendars for August 24th! We’re having a garage sale at my parents’ house, and the proceeds will help us buy furniture and other household items we need – maybe even help us buy a car if we get enough money!

We’ll also sell some of John’s homemade goat cheese (it will wait in the kitchen until someone wants to make a purchase, don’t worry) and some Honduran items. Maybe even some Breaking Chains t-shirts! So, you’re coming right?

We would love for you to come out and be a part of it. Also if you have any items you would like to donate, we would love to put them toward our cause. You can just drop them by my parents or Scott Wilkerson’s house, but for details you can email me at

Maybe though don’t give us anything as bad as these glasses. We probably can’t sell those. But isn’t this just the sweetest/most ornery face you ever did see?


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