Our first week

Yesterday, I sat at home taking care of a sick seven-year old. I spent most of the day cleaning, providing liquids to drink, measuring medication and reflecting while she slept. I even managed to look at houses online and get some Spanish-practice in while she slept. (That’s face paint she has rubbed on her face in the photo below, in case you’re worried!)IMG_2099

It was a tiring routine last week as we got used to being here. Michael nor I was used to waking up at 5:30am, but it’s now becoming commonplace for us. We’ve spent a lot of time doing homework, planning and making meals and shuttling the kids to school and their independence day parades. We have loved getting to love our babies and are beyond happy to be here with them.IMG_2056

Tuesday, we had a great Children’s Day with our kids and with all the kids from Breaking Chains and our growing church community. We watched Despicable Me (which by the way, the Spanish dub has a really strange voice for, well everyone, but especially Gru), and gave out stuffed animals and other little toys to all the kids. It was a wonderful and tiring day of fun for all the kiddos!IMG_2131

We have had a great time hugging and talking to everyone staying in the building and our friends on the street. We were blessed by church on Sunday and to see all the new faces there. I think it’s wonderful there are so many kids and enough moms who are willing to volunteer to teach them so that job is not passed to Michael, Amber or me. I look forward to working more with our church and furthering the spirituality of those in our building and our surrounding community. Now, off to look for a new house for us. Wish us luck!IMG_2121


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