Ain’t No Reason

Michael posted a song yesterday. So, I thought I would join in. I’ve longed enjoyed this song seen below and even more for the powerful video that is attached to it. But yesterday was the first time I had listened to this song in a location that was not inside my house. I sat outside the Breaking Chains building yesterday waiting for Michael and this song came on the ipod. For the first time I sat and listened to this song on a block where glue was regularly huffed to alleviate hunger pains. As the song continued, my eyes moved down to the next block to a brothel.

There is pain, hunger and death here. But I disagree there “ain’t no reason things are this way.” I think there are many reasons why things are this way in the world, but that is not my goal here. What I will say is that there ain’t no reason things should stay this way. As followers of Christ, we are called to live in the midst of his example, to love others. More importantly, we do not fear death as it has been overcome by his Resurrection, and one day we will all be resurrected as well. We are a resurrection people. Today, I encourage you to seek out where you can bring life and resurrection to the death and pain you see in your life. I am blessed to have so many opportunities to live the Resurrection out here in Honduras. Tonight as we will feed on the street, I will say “ain’t no reason to be hungry tonight, ain’t no reason…ain’t no reason…”

Please take a moment to enjoy this awesome video below.


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