Asking for help

IHNFA took the kids from us nearly a year ago now. I can’t believe it’s been that long or that now we have them back. We can hug them, kiss them and read them bedtime stories. A year ago we had no idea what might happen.

I’m so amazed by the response we had and the way God worked through the incredible mess it was. God brought the kids back to us through dozens of people.

One in particular showed up in the form of a lawyer who had a heart for our story and the injustice of it all. Lily the lawyer (has a nice ring, right?) blessed our lives with her appeals, errands and advice through the process of bringing Pamela, Arol, Jonatan, Dayana and Rosie home. Our team cannot begin to thank Lily for the miracle she performed.

We had to pay most of Lily’s payment from Breaking Chains’ general fund, which we use for various other ministry necessities. If you can help pay her bill, we would really appreciate your donation. We couldn’t have gotten the kids back without Lily and her the relentless help she gave us. Her bill was $2000 for a year’s worth of help. The result was priceless.

If you can help, please contact Please consider giving any amount you can, and thank all of you for your relentless prayers and support. We have only raised about $500 so far.IMG_2099


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