Celebrating one year

Today marks one year of John and I living in Honduras together, and I will celebrate my third-year mark in October. Our crazy family is celebrating our first year together, and in that time we have added a seventh member. Do we sound insane? Indeed.

Transitions have defined our first year in Honduras as a couple. And in most ways I feel grateful our first year is under our belts. We may not have many answers still, but we don’t have as many questions as we once did. That’s comforting.

The kids are more settled, more content and more relaxed in a family setting. I use relative terms of course because as soon as I say that they’ll do something to make me look like a liar. We’re still looking for answers and solutions to lots of problems. We get to know the book, and the story changes. We have learned to laugh and not get too predictive. The story rarely goes where we think it will. We generally don’t know what we’re doing, and well we’re learning just to take comfort in the constant of our omnipotent Father.

Our roles in our ministry at Breaking Chains are ever-changing. God is continually molding us into who he wants us to be for our teens, families and co-workers. We feel blessed to be a part of a new, growing ministry made up of a team and a board looking to serve God as best they can, mistakes or otherwise. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our ministry for our BC kiddos. I’m excited to see what year #2 looks like with our Breaking Chains’ family.

We had a wonderful first summer working with teams together while juggling our family responsibilities. It was hard, and we made mistakes. Mistakes we will learn from with God’s help and a lot of humility. Grace is a beautiful thing that works for us and the people we work with. We housed four teams along with helping coordinate our other Breaking Chains’ teams. Housing groups in our home was hard work, but watching our kids open up and the teams to them made it worth the stress. The groups encouraged and loved on us personally and on our kids more than we could ever thank them for. We made friends and connections we and our kids hope not to lose.

God brings peace in our lives even among our chaos, and I’m looking forward to seeing the next year and into the next five. John and I are grateful beyond words to those who have made possible our first year working in Tegucigalpa. Yours prayers, displays of love and support have gotten us through. We hope those and others of you will consider (either for the first time or continued) support of our work over the next few months as we all look toward 2015.



2 thoughts on “Celebrating one year

  1. How did you guys end up with seven kids? Please fill me in. I also see Angel. What happened to mom? I hope everything goes smoothly with all of your transitions! Laugh a lot.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Don’t worry! Haha! The seven includes John and me, only five kids. 🙂 Angel came to live with us in February. His mom has been on the streets since January, but we hope she will go to rehab and maybe be able to support herself and him again. He still sees her, but she’s not capable of taking care of him right now. He lived with great-grandma for a month or so, but she wasn’t able to support him because of age and lack of job. Thanks for always support us and him.

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