Only the prince brings peace

John laughs and shakes his head at me often about my lack of awareness of the news. I used to keep up with it pretty well, and I liked it – after all I have a degree in journalism. But I have found myself changing – running away from it sometimes as well as scary movies and gore on TV since I moved to Honduras.

I find the reality or lack of peace in the world so depressing. Satan has so much of the world in darkness – in hunger, in war, without clean water, deep into drugs, enveloped in disease. Sometimes the pain in our neck of the woods alone overwhelms me that I ignore what’s happening outside of Honduras. Otherwise, I’m not sure I could get out of bed if I didn’t focus on our own neck of darkness.

We hear a lot of names thrown around for God for various situations that claim to bring comfort – the Deliverer, the Almighty, Holy Ghost, Messiah, Christ, Abba Father, Holy One. But one of the often forgotten names is the Prince of Peace.

Not everyone likes this one as much of course. I can’t have road rage if I really follow the Prince of Peace. I can’t worry about everything if I follow the Prince of Peace. I can’t start fights with family members if I believe in the Prince of Peace. I can’t yell at that mom for her inability to take care of her children if I really want to emulate the Price of Peace. I can’t…I can’t…wow, there’s a lot of stuff that truly fall short of the Prince of Peace.

But what if we really emulated the Prince of Peace in this world? What if I really did? Such a feat takes a lot of humility. And I for one could use a deep dose of humility every day.



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