About us

At our Honduras shower

How we met…

We met in 2009, and John was just as weird then…well, he was a little weirder. Anyway, we met at Impact, an inner-city ministry in Houston, as interns.

After a year of John trying, we started dating the next summer. I discovered he was weird like me, and we both felt the same way about the world. Over the next year we fought between our want to sacrifice our lives the way we feel Jesus asked and our fear of being apart.

The result came from God’s strength, not our own. He continued to work full-time at Impact, and I left for Honduras. He came to visit five times, and I went home twice. Each separation proved harder and frankly more infuriating. We suffered through murders, drownings and other deaths apart from each other. Thank God for Skype, but most of all we thank God that time is over.

John and I decided when he proposed to go where we felt we belonged. Amber, Courtney, John and I decided the best time for my absence from the ministry was this summer. So, here we are. We married in May, and now we’re fundraising to move to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

If you know of anyone who wants to give to a couple of crazies like us, please feel free to send them our way. We surely can use it.

What does ‘living out our faith’ mean…

According to Michael: Well, I started this blog as a school project years before moving to Honduras full-time, having no idea what she would say. A teacher once said, “Write about your passions.” And God is one of mine, and fighting poverty is another. And I found a husband who feels the same after years of wondering if such a guy existed.

at our weddingWe’re passionate about God–our faith in the Almighty. I spent most of my young life with a dead faith, going through the motions of church and the occasional service project. But Jesus doesn’t seem to teach those motions; he teaches something more real. I discovered some important truths from our Savior during college: Faith means action. Faith is living. Faith cannot be dead. I don’t begin to pretend I don’t still go through the motions, even in Honduras. I discover there are some days I don’t feel connected to God at all. I try to do it on my own, and I forget who got me here. Another truth I’m still discovering is faith means a real relationship with God. And what an incredible discovery that can be, especially with my husband.

According to John: I was instantly more attracted to Michael when I discovered that this was her blog. It was obvious I had found a passionate and faithful person, and I was not going to let her get away.

Growing up my faith was kept within the walls of church and had very little to do with my everyday life. Slowly that changed, and more and more the pull of Christ brought me into a life where faith seeped into every area. To me faith is living with a presence. The presence of Christ with and in you, the presence of loving others in every action and words that you use in every encounter with the people around you. Living out my faith is a journey of walking to the people and places God leads me. I have learned that it is not an easy task, but I can walk boldly with the one who has called me to go.

Our ministry…

We at Breaking Chains reach out to the marginalized and homeless population of inner-city Tegucigalpa. We house 30 to 40 people at any given time. We accept up to three families with small kids and we have had at the most 20 teenagers. Usually we have three families and between 10 to 15 teens.

We serve alongside the BC founder and director Amber Foster and our PR/fundraising coordinator Courtney Mathews. We have so many interns, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters who make our ministry possible.

Our first goal is to show these souls the purest love around – Jesus’. For our families we give them a community they can learn from and respect. For our teens we give them a family, and we teach them how to exist within and appreciate that new family. We teach our residents that a love exists which is more pure than any other.

Our second goal is for our residents to leave our ministry better off in their future than when they arrived. We find educational opportunities for them, whether its trade, elementary or high school. We also work with our residents with addictions to help them find sobriety. For many of our adults we help them find a job. Above all we aim to break the cycle in their lives – away from the chains of the street.IMG_2067-1

Find out more…

About John

About Michael

About how to donate to us


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