About John

Arol and JohnWhat I will do in Honduras…

My most important task in Honduras is to love my wife. Along with that I intend to love the people of Breaking Chains with her. I will be attending to the spiritual needs of the BC building through one-on-one contact primarily, along with classes and worship times throughout the week.

I’m excited to implement even more daily spiritual practices in the BC ministry. Prayer, service and healing will be the center of these spiritual disciplines. Caring for the spiritual needs of the other members of our ministry team is also something I will focus on. This is something that I’m passionate about and an area that I have chosen to focus on in my masters courses.

Related to spiritual formation will be the creation of sustainability projects within the ministry. I plan to create an agricultural system to provide food at the building along with an opportunity for the members (especially the teens) to occupy their time with something that will benefit their family, our family at the building.

I hope that the these agricultural projects can be a sustaining therapeutic endeavour that can be a source of healing for the people of Breaking Chains for years to come. I have grown up around farming, and I have always been amazed by how you can relate it to aspects of spirituality.

I’m excited to implement these ideas, and I look forward to the spiritual connections to God we can make through plants and gardening together.

How I got to Honduras…

Marta, her son Tobasque and usMy journey to Honduras begins with my wife. She and I talked long about her moving to Tegucigalpa for two years. In the year and a half she was gone, I was blessed to go visit five times. Each time I fell more and more in love with Honduras and the people of Breaking Chains. We reached a point when we had to decide whether to go to Honduras permanently or to stay in my ministry in Houston.

In Houston I worked with the Impact Houston Church of Christ, an inner-city mission church. The Impact church has lots of support and individuals that can fill and have filled my position. After lots of prayer and consideration of both situations, we decided Honduras was the place we should be and the place that had the most need.

Impact can replace me and already have, but no one is lining up to work at Breaking Chains. We can’t wait to get back to the places, faces and hearts we love so much.

Looking forward…

I am immensely excited to do ministry with my wife, my best friend.  I am just as excited to be a part living in the midst of the resurrection of Christ with the people of Breaking Chains. It will be exciting to create life in every aspect of our community. I know I will be blessed by living in this special community of people.

Please, pray as we fundraise this summer. We’re still very short on funds to sustain ourselves for much time. And also pray as we work with these souls in need of so much love. Thank you for your support, and feel free to keep in touch with me at johncarson@bchonduras.org.DSC_0454

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