About Michael

Kevin, Michael and MiguelWhat I do in Honduras…

I love people. That’s what I do, every day. God has given me the most incredible job, and I’m reminded of that truth with every hug, kiss or “I love you” I get.

I work with some of my closest friends and get to love some of the least loved but most lovable teens and families. And now I get to do that job with my best friend, my rock – my husband John. We’re fundraising in the States this summer, but we’re planning to return to Honduras in early September.

I spend much of my time with our families and teens, helping them set goals and enrolling them in various projects, i.e. jobs, trade programs or school. Then I push them to complete those goals. I tutor our adults, teens and little kids, helping them with and pushing them to do their homework. I also talk with the teachers of their schools to check up on each child, teen or adult. I also make a point to bond with the administrators to create future connections for our BC residents and to return the kindness each school has shown us.

All our adults have jobs either within our ministry or in the city or are enrolled in trade programs. Two of our parents work for us and have shown incredible loyalty to our work. Most of our teens are enrolled in school or trade programs with the exception of a few who came after the year began or one who just wasn’t ready. And our young kids are enrolled in bilingual, private bilingual or good public schools.

I look forward now to helping John fulfill some of his goals at Breaking Chains. He has some incredible ideas about food sustainability at Breaking Chains and using gardening and farming to building relationships between our teens and our God.

Oh, and I give out hugs. Lots of them. That’s really how I spend my time. All the other stuff is just icing on the cake. Our teens have no concept of real love. And I aim to suffocate them with mine.

Dayana and MichaelHow I got to Honduras…

I discovered my love for Honduras in 2009, when I interned with a missionary, named Amber Foster. She turned out to be a pretty inspiring character and has become one of my best friends. I interned with her again the next summer, and we began discussing the idea of me returning for a longer stint of time – two years to be exact – through a mission project called the HIM program.

Amber’s new homeless ministry didn’t have a name in 2009 when I first met her. She was just handing out food two nights a week out of her truck along with leading visiting volunteer groups.

When I returned in 2010 she was handing out food four nights a week and had found a building she hoped to turn into a ministry house. I was blessed to watch her negotiate the rent and sign the paperwork for the building we have today. The ministry had already become Breaking Chains, a beacon of hope and love for a people nearly mostly overlooked. Now it’s a home, a family.

My two-year commitment to my work at Breaking Chains began in 2011, and I fell in love with so many faces. Luckily, when my then boyfriend came to visit, he fell in love with it too. And we decided we wanted to make Honduras our permanent home.

Please, pray this summer as we’re in the States fundraising. We of course need sustained support for our ministry in Honduras. We’re exploring various options, and we appreciate any help you can give us.

Looking forward…

I can’t wait to see what God has in mind for us as a couple in Honduras and as individual ministers. I can’t tell you how much comfort it brings me to know I’m now embarking on the next adventure with my husband. Please, pray as we fundraise this summer. We’re still very short on funds to sustain ourselves for much time. And also pray as we work with these souls in need of so much love. Thank you for your support, and feel free to keep in touch with me at michael@bchonduras.org.Jonatan and Michael


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