Fifty for 50

We believe in having as many people involved in our ministry as possible. We have traveled to and contacted several different churches and individuals this summer, looking for financial support to do our work in Honduras. If you have a team of souls praying, fighting and giving support for a ministry, its future looks infinitely brighter. We believe in the team of Christians known as the church, however it’s made up, working together.

For these reasons we have come up with our ‘Fifty for 50’ campaign. We’re looking for 50 commitments of $50 a month to sustain our work with Breaking Chains in Tegucigalpa for 2014 and beyond. That’s 50 small churches, 50 big churches, 50 people, 50 small-groups, 50 families, 50 Sunday-morning classes. You can commit to one of those 50 slots, four of them or a half of one.

We’re asking our donors to commit to an indefinite amount of time, 2014 and beyond. We absolutely understand job instability and family emergencies happen. You may miss a month or have to stop completely at some point. Maybe you can pick back up a few months later, maybe you can’t. Either way we won’t hate you, we promise. Seriously, just let us know. We understand the insanity of life.

You can learn more about how to donate under the ‘Donate to Michael and John‘ tab above. For questions or to make your commitment, you can email Michael at or John at

We would love for anyone to commit whether it’s for six months or five years. We would love for you to start giving now, in September when we leave or as soon as you’re able. We want and need your support. Thank you with all that we have within us for those who have supported and continue to support us and for those who will. Thank you for the prayers and love you have shown us over the past few months.

We also would love for everyone to join us in prayer for our ‘Fifty for 50’ campaign over the next few months. As mentioned above, we plan to return to Tegucigalpa in early September. Please pray for this next month or so as we carry out this campaign and also spend time with family and friends. Thanks again for everyone’s love and support. We love you.Fifty for 50


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