Our New Evangelist-Walter…I mean Wualter

I have some exciting news for our Breaking Chains community, we have added a new and excited team member, Walter.DSC_0223  After being with us for a while now, he corrected us when his name was being written that there is a “u” in his name, hence Wualter. It’s a quick u, you don’t even notice it. Nevertheless, a church in Oklahoma City is supporting the position and Wualter is eager to get things rolling with the teens. He joins Siney as our second Honduran minister. They are both from the Baxter Institute, the local preaching school that trains preachers from all around Latin and South America here. I’m excited to be working closely with him on the spiritual forming activities and mentoring him as much as I can.

IMG_0941I found out that Wualter was a taxi driver here. Taxis drive me insane most days when I drive, but Wualter’s stories reminded me why it is one of the most dangerous professions to have here. 30+ taxi drivers were killed last year, mostly by gangs for refusing to pay extortion money to gangs. Wualter told us of a story where a guy wanted to rob him and kill him, so he just drove the guy around telling him about Jesus until the guy decided not to. I am very excited to have his excitement and commitment to Christ joining our Breaking Chains team.

I think the most important part of mission work is for the work of the mission to be turned over to the native people of the culture. I hope to continue the mentoring of young preachersIMG_0887 to more students including those not involved directly in Breaking Chains. The greatest advancements and growth of our ministry will be best done in the hands of these Honduran ministers. Pray for us as we plan and understand our role in showing the love of Christ together. I pray that this will continue and God will continue to bring us more and more people committed to loving the souls of those on the streets and our shelter.


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